How it works

Cleata has been designed to make the process of setting up your records for allocation simple.

Upload your file

Cleata supports CSV and Microsoft Excel (XLSX) files. Simply drag and drop your file to the upload window or click to select from your computer.

Configure your rules

Follow the simple wizard to configure the records for allocation.

Set column level permissions to allow edit, read only or no access and define business rules so Cleata can allocate the right records to the right teams.

Want to ease the burden and drip feed records? Set Cleata to deliver new tasks over a period of time or issue them all at once.

Hello team!

Users are automatically emailed to notify them of newly assigned records to respond to. They can then login and edit the data, add or delete records from any device, anywhere, which automatically update your master file.

Manage and track progress

From the management dashboard you can see all the completed and outstanding records. 

Use the filters to swap the dashboard to different views – across different datasets, teams or users.

Each record has a user and date stamp when changes are made for audit purposes.



Export your data at any time as a CSV or XLSX file.

You no longer have a need to manipulate various emailed spreadsheets back into one file, chase users for updates or worry about version control.

Cleata has taken care of that for you.


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